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BJ Gallagher- It’s never too Late

As many of my loyal listeners know, Quantum Radio has retired and in it’s place is a show I know you are going to LOVE called Conversation with My SHOES! NB.( i am waiting to build a new website and my designer is very busy and although I can do many things,  the Quantum Heading unfortunately is hard wired in and can’t be changed by me, so please bear with me )

For those who have known the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso a loooooooong time, you will remember that Conversation with My Shoes is also the name of my first Website and first Coaching Company. Since I have recently been having some GOOD LONG Conversations with My Shoes, It seemed appropriate to bring it back.

Conversation with My Shoes, is a show featuring positive guests, world change artists who will motivate you to change your life or the world around you. Folks who are walking and talking their truth,  whose messages, acts and deeds be they Environmentalists, Humanitarians, Social Justice Activists, are making a difference for themselves and for the world.

This week, Unstoppable Frankie Picasso is joined on Thursday, August 20th by BJ Gallagher, on Conversation with my Shoes,, at 12 Noon, Eastern time,. BJ Gallagher is an  award winning  inspirational Author and Speaker, whose first children’s book, What’s the Matter with Henry? The True Tale of a Three-legged Cat, won two awards: Best Gift Book of 2006 from the Cat Writers Association, and Best Humane Communication from the ASPCA.

I will be speaking to BJ about her book, IT’s NEVER TOO LATE TO BE WHO YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN, a wonderful book filled with storys of real people who checked in with themselves, had that Conversation with their Shoes, and decided to go for what they REALLY wanted in life. It will delight you, inspire you and motivate you to change your life.


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