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Have You Heard about The Frugal Dad?

Today, everyone is looking for more money. Prices are going up on all the necessities but not incomes. Who doesn’t want to, maximize the money do they have and look for ways to supplement their retirement years?
If you’re like most American’s, you are so busy working and looking after your family’s needs right now that you don’t have time  to look for money saving coupons, career advice or money advice,  information that could be vital to your families fiscal well being.
Well I want to point you in the direction of an entertaining info blogger called The Frugal Dad. The Frugal Dad says that his reader is you, the average family who is looking for help when it comes to surviving financially and to save you time, he has done the homework for you by providing you with solid information , money saving coupons and a list of resources that will save you both time and money at many of the stores you already shop at.  
The Frugal Dad says he is a conservative ( in money advice only) blogger who has captured the attention and been featured in , The New Yorker, Fast Company, PC Magazine, Mashable to name a few.
Who is this guy and why should you listen to him? Well he clearly admits he is not a financial pro, however like many of us he has made financial mistakes, learned from them and is now sharing the benefit of his business and personal wisdom.
My husband is very proud that he has NEVER, let me say that again, NEVER once given Visa a penny in interest. YES, he uses his Visa but he makes sure he pays that bill in full even if he pulls it from his line of credit. This is a smart move as interest rates on a line of credit may be around 3 to 4 % compared to 29% for a credit card.
With blog posts like, Save Money on Groceries by Being an Intentional Shopper, Shift in Perspective: Micro-Budgeting to Big-Picture Finances, How to Cure a Holiday Spending Hangover?, you can see that The Frugal Dad offers a variety of information that a family can use right now to start learning how to manage their money.
The Frugal Dad also has a FREE ebook entitled “ The 7 Day Turn- Around’ just for signing up on the blog,
One of the stores the Frugal Dad likes is Walgreens. He states he “finds their prices are very reasonable regardless of what I’m purchasing, whether it be vitamins, allergy medicine, or toiletries.” If you would like to download money saving coupons for Walgreens-( anywhere from 1 dollar to $200.00) just click on the Frugaldad URL above to start saving now..

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