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The Most Intriguing, Angelyn Ray

Join the Unstoppable  Frankie Picasso on Tuesday May 26th on Quantum Radio at 11:00 am she is joined by her guest Angelyn Ray.

Angelyn Ray is an award winning author, artist and poet whose love of the West Coast in Oregon dominates many themes in her writing and her art.  She is best known for her book Fables by the Sea, The Forest Dweller, and her Epic poem Ode to Earth in 9-11 Meter garnered a Pulitzer Prize nomination from her former publisher.

She is owner of ARay Press, co-founded the Manzanita Creative Arts Council, Manzanita, Oregon, and Writers of the Purple Sage, Lakeview, Oregon.

Angelyn is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Southern Oregon, having earned her Masters degree at the Graduate School of Social Work, Portland State University.  In this work she blends a three-part self-awareness program:  integrating loss, healthy self-nurturing, and expression of natural creativity.  She conducts workshops and trainings furthering the awareness and potential of her attendees.

Ray's interests include the origin, meaning and potential of human consciousness.  To this end she is a founding member of Quantum Aether Dynamics Institute, an editor of their ground-breaking book elaborating the Aether Physics Model, Secrets of the Aether.

She is also a major contributor and author of The Nu I CHING, a 5000 year old oracle reading that is enterwined with our DNA.

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